K & H Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad with Cover

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K & H Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad with CoverK & H Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad with Cover
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K & H Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad with Cover K & H Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad with Cover

Breeders, pet owners, and veterinarians have been using Lectro‐Kennels™ to warm pets for more than 40 years. This new sleek, smooth design is now more comfortable and durable than ever! Constructed of rugged ABS plastic with a steel wrapped cord, the Lectro‐Kennel™ can lie flat on the doghouse floor or be attached to the wall. An internal thermostat keeps the temperature of the pad warmed to your pet's normal body temperature. Lectro‐Kennel™ also comes with a free removable, washable fleece cover. Indoor or outdoor use.

The Lectro-Kennel's sleek, smooth design is now more comfortable and durable than ever! We've also included a washable fleece cover for added softness.

Rugged Construction

We build this durable heated pad with tough ABS plastic and a 5.5 foot steel-wrapped cord, shielding the product from a dog's chewing while also keeping pets safe.

For added protection, drill holes through the outer lip of the Lectro-Kennel and screw it down to the floor or onto the wall. This will deter pets from picking up the pad like a chew toy.

Versatile Placement Options

Whether outdoors or indoors, use the K&H Lectro-Kennel anywhere a flat, stable surface is available. Its water-resistant build is perfect for dog houses, porches, garage floors, barns, or even the living room. No matter where you set the Lectro-Kennel, it's sure to be your dog's favorite resting place.

Automatic Temperature Control

Pre-set internal thermostats automatically monitor the surface temperature to keep your dog warm and comfortable. K&H outdoor pads are designed to warm to your pet's normal body temperature of 102°F when he/she lies on the pad. When your pet is not on the pad, the heat will dissipate into the air and the surface temperature will vary according to the ambient air temperature.

We designed the Lectro-Kennel with simplicity in mind. Plug it in and it will automatically warm on its own. There is no on/off switch to worry about and the pad will never exceed the natural body temperature of a dog or cat. Now that's easy!

Washable Cover

Use the Lectro-Kennel with or without the included fleece cover. Its washable, soft weave allows the pad's warmth to radiate through to your pet whereas a blanket or any other cover would trap the heat inside the pad, possibly causing a malfunction. A Deluxe Lectro‐Cover is also available for purchase separately and is an excellent way to increase the comfort of the Lectro-Kennel.


The K&H Lectro-Kennel has been tested rigorously and certified by MET Labs. Their certification means this product adheres to strict electrical safety standards.

Quick Overview

• Recommended for indoor and outdoor use
• Great for dog houses, porches, garages, barns or in the home
• Thermostatically controlled to warm to your pet's normal body temperature
• 5 1/2-foot steel wrapped cord
• MET Listed
• 1 year warranty
• FREE cover included

Lectro-Kennel Small
Wattage: 40 watts
Item Dimensions: 12.5 x 18.5 x .5

Lectro-Kennel Medium
Wattage: 60 watts
Item Dimensions: 16.5 x 22.5 x .5

Lectro-Kennel Large
Wattage: 80 watts
Item Dimensions: 22.5 x 28.5 x .5

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