Gentle Leader Clicker Trainer

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Gentle Leader Clicker TrainerGentle Leader Clicker Trainer
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This bone shaped clicker has been designed to provide an audible click that can assist in training. The clicker can quickly and easily be paired as a conditioned or secondary reinforcer to the dog. It makes training quicker, more reliable and more fun.


  • It accurately identifies the correct behaviour precisely when it occurs.
    > it is faster and more precise than verbal praise
  • Can be delivered from a distance
    > it bridges the time gap from when the behaviour is performed and when the treat is given
  • It can be used by more than one person
    > dispels the myth of one dog trainer
  • Its intensity is always the same.
    >the intensity of voice and touch constantly change
  • It is not punishing and non-nagging
    > is a hands-off technique
  • It is fun for the dog and the trainer.
  • Because it is only used in training, it becomes a more salient stimulus than one’s voice.

Click HERE for training instruction.

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