Clean Go Pet Disposable Doggy Diapers (10-count bag)

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Clean Go Pet Disposable Doggy Diapers (10-count bag)Clean Go Pet Disposable Doggy Diapers (10-count bag)
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Clean Go Pet Disposable Doggy Diapers (10-count bag) Clean Go Pet Disposable Doggy Diapers (10-count bag)

Super absorbent Clean Go Pet Doggy Diapers are an ideal way to help protect carpets, floors, and home furnishings from damage, stains, and odor caused by pet urine. Diapers feature a leak-proof design, convenient tail hole, elasticized waist, and easy-to-use adhesive strips for a secure fit. Disposable design makes clean-up easy and sanitary. Diapers can be re-used if not soiled. Great for puppies, dogs in season, and for dogs that are incontinent due to age, behavior, or medication.


  1. Unfold diaper and place around dog’s hindquarters. Diaper should be positioned so dog’s tail fits through the hole.
  2. Peel back end on each adhesive tab on front of diaper and secure to waist on back of diaper. Waistband should fit snugly but not too tightly.
  3. To change diaper, unfasten adhesive tabs and remove from dog.
  4. Dispose of used diapers in a proper waste receptacle.

** Not recommended as a house training aid.


  • Comes in a 10-count/bag:
  • X-Small fits 4-11 lbs and 9"-18" waists.
  • Small fits 8-15 lbs and 10"-19" waists.
  • Medium fits 13-22 lbs and 11"-22" waists.
  • Large fits 19-30 lbs and 12"-24" waists.

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