Cardinal Laboratories Pet Botanics Indoor Bitter End Spray

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Bitter End

A bitter tasting spray training aid to discourage pets from chewing, biting, gnawing, licking or clawing on BITTER END, THE TRAINER'S FRIEND. ONE OF THE THREE "WORST PRODUCTS" WE MAKE.

This product incorporates Four of the World's Most Bitter Herbs plus Cayenne Pepper to make the taste as bad as possible to discourage pets from chewing.


We call these three products the WORST PRODUCTS WE MAKE because they are very bitter and we know your pet will HATE them! Your pet will not want to lick, bite or chew when you spray with Bitter End!

    • Indoor Bitter Ends helps break the itch, bite, lick, scratch cycle.
    • Bitter End is the Trainer's Friend™
    • Be careful not to get this on your hands!
    • It’s perfectly safe but not pleasant to taste.
    • Very useful in conjunction with Elizabethan collars to protect the animal after surgery. Spray only on bandages, not on open skin.

Directions: Read Label Thoroughly and Carefully. Hold 3-4 inches from item to be sprayed. Spray 3-4 shots until item is lightly but well coated. Do NOT spray into the air. Do NOT inhale. Maybe used directly on pet bandages to discourage chewing them off. Wash hands immediately with soap and water.

CAUTIONS: Do not apply directly to open wounds or on raw or tender skin. Never use on food or edible products. Keep Out of Eyes. If in eyes flush immediately with water. Keep out of Reach of Children.

Size: 16oz.

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